Bucilla Candy Express Christmas Stocking Felt Kit

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A gorgeous stocking kit that anyone would love to see hanging from the fireplace mantle on filled with all kinds of goodies on Christmas morning. It is an easy to make kit thanks to easy to follow instructions and a picture of the finished kit to guide you even more in the sewing process.

This Christmas stocking kit has very detailed designs and lots of generous embellishments which will enhance all kinds of Christmas decorating themes. Not only that, but you can personalized and customize this one for a unique gift to your beloved grandchild or any family member for that matter.

The kits comes with all the needles, threads and everything you need so you can get to work right away. The best part is the picture of the kit that shows you how it should look when it’s done. This way you can make sure you don’t make any mistakes when creating it, like bucilla tree skirts.

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As other who bought this kit said, the instruction are pretty easy to follow and clear, but having the picture will save you from making mistakes along the way.

A useful tip would be to strengthen the stocking by lining it with fabric before sewing the two halves together. This is actually recommended by the manufacturer and it will increase its durability and extend its life, especially if you are making this kit for a young child.

All in all, the Bucilla Candy Express kit is one of the most popular Christmas stocking kits from Bucilla who made the holidays of thousands of people a lot more magical.

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  1. Oh, this is the most beautiful Christmas stocking! I feel the spirit of X-mas just by looking at it – I have to order it! And I already know what I’d like to find inside it on Xmas day: I fell in love with a pair of black pearl earrings I’ve seen on pearlnecklacecenter.com and I need to have them! I hope my family (or Santa) will see this post, but just in case, I will make sure I give them hints elsewhere too!

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