Bucilla Cross Stitch Kits

The Bucilla cross stitch kits are very easy to create, they all come with easy to follow instructions and make great gifts for other family members, loved ones and friends. These things are different from the bucilla christmas stocking kits, but they are equal as fun to work on!

Good news is that you can find all sorts of Bucilla cross stitch kits available for purchase, many wonderful designs that will definitely light up anyone’s day. They are all waiting for you to put your talent into action and create some masterpieces filled with joy and love.The dedication and time you will put into making a cross stitch kit will make it a valued and treasured item for you or for the person getting it.

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The Bucilla Princess Birth Record will make an adorable cross stitch for little girls. If you are expecting a little girl, or know someone who will have a new born girl, this is the best gift for them.

The kit is pretty straightforward, very easy to complete because it doesn’t have any complicated stitches and the chart and all the instructions are easy to follow so you don’t; have to worry if  you don’t have too much experience in cross stitching. This is a great kit to start and get some practice.

Completing this kit will help you celebrate your baby girl’s birth with style. The kit comes with fourteen count white aida fabric, cotton embroidery floss and needles. its dimensions, once it is finished, are 10 x 13 inches.

Another great kit is Bucilla Princess Crib Cover Stamped Cross Stitch Kit, if you want to create an amazing nursery for your baby girl that she will never forget, this is the cross stitch kit you need.

Once you finish this kit you will have a great crib cover for your nursery, cover that measures 34 inch by 43 inches.

The fabric is prequilted and prefinished and you will discover that the pattern is stamped on blue washable ink so you will have no difficulties in completing this Bucilla cross stitch kit.

I think I can speak for anyone when I say that these tiny stocking ornaments are simply adorable. The Tiny Stocking Ornaments Counted Cross Stitch Kit contains 30 splendid Christmas designs and comes with all the items you need, such as 14 count white Aida, cotton floss, floss separator, needle, felt backing, and tri-lingual instructions and charts. Ok, all that’s missing is a pair of scissors, but I think everyone has one in their home.

These little ornaments make a great gift for anyone who loves crafts and are a perfect addition to any Christmas tree, no matter how big or small it is.

The materials used in this Bucilla cross stitch kit are of high quality, the patterns are classy and the instructions are somewhat easy to follow.

It is true that a true beginner will have some hard time understanding them, so you might want to practice on something easier before you start working on this particular kit.

Those who bought this kit said wonderful things about it, but also mentioned that it is not for beginners.

But this shouldn’t keep you from trying to complete this kit. It is preferred to start on something much easier, and there are a lot of other Bucilla cross stitch kits available at your disposal.

Simply check out our collection, pick your favorite kit and start working on it. And after you finish it, don’t forget to post some pictures on our Bucilla Facebook fan page.