Bucilla Candy Snowman 18-inch Stocking Kit

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Everybody just loves a snowman. With a funny hat, a pretty scarf and a carrot for a nose, every kid feels like they’re in winter wonderland when there’s a snowman present. Well now, you can hang this cute Christmas character right onto your fireplace. That’s right, you can bring winter wonderland into your home with a Bucilla Candy Snowman stocking kit.

This Christmas stocking will surely add beauty to any holiday decorated home, no matter what theme.
Bucilla Candy Snowman Stocking Kit


This felt appliqué stocking, which measures 18 inches, will make a perfect Christmas present to your beloved family and friends. With generous embellishments within the kit that includes needles, beads, stamped felt and embroidery floss, there’s no need for you to purchase any additional materials. This Christmas stocking kit also comes with easy to follow trilingual instructions so both beginners and experienced crafters alike would enjoy doing this project. Also, a great feature of this stocking kit is that its design can be personalized to make it even more of a unique gift.

A helpful tip when doing the project is to use an iron on fabric adhesive over your stitches when you have completed the front of the stocking. This will be helpful in preventing the fabric from being torn as well as with making your stitches look tidier.

One of the satisfied customers who purchased the Bucilla Candy Snowman Christmas stocking kit said that this product is not for those who are looking to buy something instant, but rather this kit is for those who are looking to make a family holiday heirloom that can be enjoyed in plenty of years to come.


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