Bucilla Christmas Feast Long Stocking Felt Appliqué Kit

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Christmas season allows us to have sumptuous food in our tables. Different countries all over the world can have varied traditions during this time of the year – but one thing’s for sure – Christmas Eve means Christmas feast. This tradition of having a feast during Christmas Eve and Christmas day itself started as early as the 11th century during King John’s reign in England. During Christmas dinner, a feast consisted of thousands of cooked eels, hundreds of hogs, pounds of almonds and a lot of cases of wine.

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All throughout the years, families have practiced that Christmas dinner, somehow the same as Sunday family dinner, means a lot of food and drinks. After all Christmas is all about a celebration of bountiful food, presents, family and happiness. This Christmas, what perfect way to celebrate Christmas feast than to share a wonderful dinner with the family in a home that exudes the Christmas spirit through decorating your abode with this Bucilla Christmas Feast Long Stocking Felt Appliqué Kit?

The festive designs of the Christmas stockings kit will surely compliment with the Christmas feast you will share with the family. Bucilla makes sure you are satisfied with their quality products and items that are included with the Christmas Feast Long Stocking Felt Applique Kit. So whether you are purchasing your first Christmas stocking kit, or adding another one to your collection, get these bucilla stocking Kits now as Christmas is already in the air.

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  1. I bought the Christmas feast stocking kit and when I opened it to start working on it the instruction graph was for a snowman kit. I would greatly appreciate it if you would email me the correct pages 5&6. This would help me finish so much easier. Thank You, Shelly Dotson

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