Bucilla Christmas Special Giveaway Contest

There are only 7 days ’til Christmas, which means it is time to hold a very special edition of our Giveaway Contest. This is going to be a bit different than the other ones we had, so make sure you read this entire page and follow the instruction carefully.

Anyone has a fair chance of winning our prize! And speaking of prize, let’s see what is the prize

What is the Prize?

Because it is Christmas, we have a surprise for you.

In the past, we used to have one winner, one lucky person who would receive one of our beautiful Christmas stocking kits.

This time we are happy to announce that we are offering TWO Stocking kits to TWO lucky winners!

That’s right, this month you have more chances to be one of the lucky winners who will get on of these

2 x Bucilla Snowman Games Stocking Felt Kit


bucilla-snowman-games-kit bucilla-snowman-games-felt stocking kit

This kit looks absolutely adorable and is very easy to put together. And we guarantee it will make a great Christmas gift for a family member or any of your friends for that matter. Let’s see what you have to do to win one.

How to Enter the Contest?

It is very easy, so nothing to worry about here. But, you will need the help of some of your friends, this time.

Here’s what you have to do:

STEP 1. Leave a comment below where you can tell us what you wish for this Christmas, or what does Christmas mean for you, how do you celebrate it, or any Christmas story you want to share with us. Just make sure you leave a thoughtful comment.

Wait until your comment is approved before proceeding to step 2. We ask you to allow us a couple of hours to approve the comments, so please don’t post your comment twice!

STEP 2. Get your friends to visit this page and vote for your comment. As you can see, below each comment, there are two small buttons in the shape of “thumbs up” and “thumbs down”.

Your goal is to get as many positive votes (thumbs up) as possible. So the more friends you get to give your comment a thumbs up, the better.

Important: Only positive votes will be taken into consideration. All negative votes will be discarded. So don’t worry if you get any negative votes. We know how many positive and negative you have and we’ll only count the positive ones.

How to Win?

The winners will be the top 2 persons who have the most positive votes for their comments and who left a nice, thoughtful comment. We award both the number of votes as well as the comment itself.

Very easy, isn’t it?. Leave a comment below and get as many positive votes as possible.

One way to do that is to share this page with your friends on Facebook and ask them to vote for you, or send them an email. You can give them a call if you want. It is totally up to you how you get your friends to this page.

The contest will run the entire week, and will end on Christmas Eve, at 20:00 EST. After this date, the comments will be closed and we will pick out the winners. They will be announced on Facebook, as long as via private emails.

Good Luck!

Note: Because of  certain restrictions from our suppliers, this contest is open for US residents only. Thank you for understanding!

69 Replies to “Bucilla Christmas Special Giveaway Contest”

  1. My favorite thing about Christmas is getting pictures from all the people that I’ve done stockings for over the years (I’ve completed 55 so far and more to go). It brings joy to them and me every year.

  2. My one wish for Christmas this year is to remain happy for the up coming year . I look forward to spending the Christmas season with my kids and husband 🙂

  3. I love to do stockings for all my loved ones. Within 2 weeks I did Letters to Santa and Santa and Wreath.. I love the look on my Grandaughter’s face when she sees her gifts, it’s precious !

  4. My favorite thing is sitting at my friend’s house who introduced me to making stocking while we work on stockings together. Between the 2 of us we have made 97 kits over 10 years. Next year my 1st grandchild is due in June. We are going to make the stocking together.

  5. I wish for a happy Christmas season with less drama than last year and also to get my babygirl’s stocking done. I’ve been working on the Raggedy Ann one! I have a Raggedy Ann and Andy Stocking that is almost 30 years old that my grandma made for me and it’s only missing a couple sequins! So excited to make more of these in the coming years!

  6. Wishing to all the light of faith, the warmth of home, the love of family and all the deepest joys of Christmas.

  7. My wish is for a healthy, happy family. My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at Christmas 12 years ago and the Dr. didn’t give much hope. Today she is healthy and living life to the fullest. She is still in remission. So, thats my wish, continued health for all my family.

  8. Christmas to me means family 🙂 my son is 2 1/2 and i can’t wait to show him the magic of Christmas 🙂

  9. My favorite part about Christmas has always been the decorations. In my family, the weekend after Thanksgiving would be dedicated to playing classic Christmas music (like Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra) while putting up the tree, hanging ornamnents, stringing popcorn, unpacking stockings, etc. My mom came from a poor home, and while Christmas morning didn’t often bring presents, she said the sight of her home made beautiful for Christmas was what made it special, and I hope to pass that on to my own children. Remembering that gifts aren’t what is important, but its the time spent with family.

  10. I wish that everyone can experience the joy and magic of Christmas. It is a time for good deeds, generosity, and sometimes even miracles. I hope everyone opens their hearts and spreads a little Christmas cheer so that everyone can share in the magic of the season.

  11. Christmas is my favorite holiday! I have made 11 of these stockings so far, one for every child in the family! I get to start working on #12 soon as we will need it by next Christmas for my new niece or nephew! I love that these stockings have so many variations, no duplicates here! thanks!
    Merry Christmas & Good Luck everyone!

  12. My wish for Christmas is to spend it with my 5 sons, my 2 granddaughters, and my parents. I haven’t had all 5 of my sons together, ever. Also that my husband gets the job he is interviewing for on Wednesday.

  13. Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits are the very best on the market. I have tried making other brands of kits, and I always go back to Bucilla. I have made many stockings for friends and grandchildren. One of the families have the father and mother living separately. I made two stockings for the one child, so as there would be one for her at each of the parents homes; however, the mother would not part with either of the stockings. I am in the process of making another one for the daddy’s home. I simply love the Bucilla Kits. Some day, I will make one for my husband and I. Merry Christmas to all.

  14. This Christmas I completed my 12th Bucilla stocking for 7 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren and next christmas I will have another one to do for a new great. It always pleases me to see the smile on the mothers face as how beautiful they think it is.

  15. The best part of christmas is family and decorating the tree. I would love to have all my girls together to decorate the tree and hang the stockings. I started their stockings 22 years ago. Seems like forever ago. Homemade cookies and conversation abound would be my christmas wish.

  16. My mom made me and my three sisters bucilla stockings and tree skirts. She passed away 3 yrs ago, but we continue the tradition making each niece (5 of them), nephew,and each brother in law a stocking and tree skirt to carry on the tradition.

  17. My Christmas wish is that this is the only Christmas that my little family has to spend apart. My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan and will miss our little boy’s 2nd Christmas. Every day, I wish he were here to see Liam inspect the tree, hear him say “Santa! Ho…Ho…Ho!”, watch him try to “help” wrap presents (almost got sticking tape down pat, but he prefers running off with the roll of paper!) and cuddle up in the chair to read a Christmas book. I made a Christmas list, but the thing I hope for the most is that we get to Skype with our hero on Christmas and make his Christmas as merry as possible.

    1. I hope all your wishes come true.I’m sure that David sees every photo of Liam and can hear your voices. God Bless America and all our boys that are away from their families, especially our precious David.

  18. Hoping to see all my children, and grandchildren, over the past 15 years I’ve made over 25 stockings for my family and extended family. I’ve even came up with a few ideas of my own. It’s a very enjoyable habby any time of the year to do. Crristmas is a very important holiday, after all Jesus is the reason for the holiday season.

  19. My mom has made all her children and grandchildren Bucilla stockings and new ornaments every year since their birth. My tree is covered with my kids ornaments and my daughter recently asked for her ornaments for next Christmas 🙁 when she has her own tree. I wanted so badly to say NO… haha but how can I? This is what we have been striving for. So my Christmas wish is a new start with new ornaments and stockings…

  20. I got my first Bucilla stocking when I was a child by my mother. She made a XMAS stocking for each of us siblings. I started to continue the tradition when I was deployed to Baghdad, Irag from 2007-2009. My unit was in Iraq for 15 months and in that time, I made 15 stocking that were giving to some of the younger soldiers who were away from home for the first time. I still continue to make stockings throughout the year and given them to my relatives and friends.
    This Christmas is very different for me. First, I am a newly wed. I got married 7 April 2012 and then my husband got deployed 2 weeks after our wedding. I prayed he would be home for Christmas and he is. This will be our first Christmas together as husband and wife. He has a Bucilla stocking hanging on the fireplace mantle next to mine.
    My Christmas wish this year is that all service members will come home soon. I missed two Christmas’s from 2007-2009 and there is nothing like being home for the holidays. It is a simple wish but is one that is not so easily answered. So I ask that we all pray for peace and that our service members come home soon to stay.

      1. Kris, -2 means you have a total ranking of -2. But that’s not what we’re looking at. We are looking only at the positive votes, and you have 4 of them.

  21. My favorite thing about the holidays is making decorations. Beaded ornaments, Bucilla stocking kits, and whatever else I can think up. My living room doesn’t look boring, that’s for sure.

  22. On Christmas eve when our boys were young, we would all go outside and wish on the Christmas star..but the wish they made would have to be a wish for someone else and not themselves..then we would read the Christmas story from the Bible and watch a Christmas movie of their choice.

  23. The first stocking I made was in 1978 for my oldest daughter; which she still uses. The kits are so easy and fun to make that I have lost track of the number of stockings I have made. Directions are easy to understand. That first stocking started a family tradition of Bucilla Christmas Stockings. Thanks so much for a fund craft! Karen

  24. This year, I am looking forward to my husband and I using our Bucilla stockings for the very first time. This will shortly be followed by the birth of our first baby and I can’t wait to make him his own stocking for next year 🙂 Just hoping he stays put for another few weeks!

  25. I have been making these stocking for my children and grandchildren for many years, they LOVE them!

  26. We have 90 members in our immediate family, as I have 9 sisters and brothers. Before my mom has passed away she made the new member of the family a stocking, so for the last 18 years I have taken over the job.

  27. I’ve been wanting to make a Bucilla Christmas Stocking for a few years now. I was so excited to find a website where I could order a stocking kit and make it myself because it reminds me of the stocking my grandmother made for my younger siblings and I when we were children. Every year I still hang my stocking and now I use it for my 4yr old daughter who does not have a stocking yet. I’d love to make a stocking for her so I can relive the memory of my childhood through her and pass along the memory that I hold so close to my heart. One day she will be able to pass that memory along to her children and it will become a family tradition 😀

  28. I finished the Raggedy Ann stocking for my great-niece this year. It came out beautifully!! I only make Bucilla stocking, the quality is so much better than the other brands of felt kit stockings. I have made over 20 of your stockings.

  29. My favorite thing about Christmas time is listening to my grandchildren. I took my 6 year old grandson to see Santa come to town, when we left he looked at me and said, ” MawMaw, it was a waste of time coming to see Santa, I didn’t even get to talk to him.” The things our little ones say.

  30. I’ve always thought Christmas gifts mean alot more when they are home made. I’ve been making christmas stockings, among other things for over 25 years, for my family and close friends. My daughter makes her own presents and this year is the first year my grand daughter will be making her own. It’s a family tradition.

  31. I love Christmas time! This year will be my first Christmas away from home. By “home,” I mean USA. I’m now living with my amazing daughter and wonderful husband in Australia. It’s summer here, and I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around seeing Christmas decorations alongside gardening equipment in the stores here. 🙂 Because my husband and I grew up in different countries, we’re trying to blend our family Christmas traditions as well as make new ones. Bucilla is quickly becoming a part of our new tradition! I’m in the process of making stockings from the Bucilla kits for my daughter, husband and myself. As my daughter is 13 months old at the moment, finding time to complete her kit is a creative challenge. 🙂 Also, my mother-in-law has admired the Bucilla kits in catalogs here in Australia for a long time. This year, she’ll finally own one, as I bought her the candy wreath kit for Christmas. I love your colorful (colourful? lol) and festive patterns! Bucilla has a special place in our holiday hearts! <3

  32. We love Christmas! We are working on getting a Christmas stocking done for each of the 7 children, thier partner/spouses and for the 9 grandchildren. It looks so very cool to see all those handmade stockings lined up! Thanks for creating so many fun choices for us to pick from. Merry Christmas!

  33. I have wonderful memories as a young girl waking up to see if Santa brought me all the Barbie doll clothes I wanted. I would go thru the little catalogs that game with each clothing set and circle the ones I wanted. On Christmas morning my dad would come and wake my sister and I up and we would rush into the living room. The best part of the morning was our stockings. My mom would spend more time on what to put in them than anything else. She had handmade our stockings that looked just like the kits do today. She used to put the chocolate looked like oranges that peeled away like orange slices. When I had my own children I made them their very own Bucilla stockings. And when I put in them the same chocolate candy that my mom did. Those are my memories of Christmas.

  34. This year me and a few co-workers sponsored five foster kids. We had so much fun buying for them and just imagining the look on their faces Christmas morning when they actually had present that they didn’t think they would have. I just wished that everyone who was able would take the time to buy just one gift for a child that would not get to wake up to find something left just for them under their tree.

  35. For me Christmas means family and love and sharing with others. I love having a full house of family at christmas and it is one time of the year when my whole family are together

  36. Just gotta say that I will never be back to this contest site again. Someone voting thumbs down because I would like my husband to get hired for a job and spend Christmas with my family is just plain mean. If winning a free stocking is that important to you, you can have it!!

    1. Stacy, don’t worry about the negative votes. Only the positive ones will be taken into consideration. Despite that someone is obviously voting thumbs down for most comments, we know how many positive and negative votes each comment has. So they are trying to sabotage the other comments for nothing.

    2. Stacey, don’t let those negetive people get to you, that is how they get thier kicks. Just stay with us and enjoy what we all do.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family

  37. Stacy, God bless you and yours. I pray your husband finds a job soon and that 2013 is a wonderful year for you. Dear Bucilla, if for some reason I do win, please send the stocking to Stacy.

  38. Christmas is the the best time of the year because i think it brings familys together and its just a magical time of the year!

  39. Admin – I had +17 votes yesterday last I checked and now I have 9 🙁 When someone does a thumbs down it negates the positive ones? Whoever feels the need to thumbs down on someones post is pretty lame . I love Bucilla , and thankful for the contest but pretty harsh someone feels the need to sabotage others 🙁

    1. Sandra, you have 20 positive votes.

      When someone voted thumbs down it decreased your overall rating, but we know how many positive and negative you have. And we only take into consideration the positive ones. Whoever voted thumbs down did it for nothing. So don’t worry about it.

      No one should worry about the negative votes. We removed the thumbs down button, so no one can use it anymore.

    2. I agree with you Sandra.. It is pretty sad when someone has thinks they have to be negetive about the things we do for other people just because we like to.

  40. I love sharing with family and friends. When I give I receive so much pleasure and get a warm feeling inside. I love getting back to the original idea of Christmas by making my gifts for everyone. It surprises everyone and means much more to them.

    I pray for all the troops overseas that they will be safe and able to enjoy Christmas and they will be in our hearts at this wonderful time. It makes me feel so good to make items for the troops and send them at Christmas and other times during the year.

  41. I finished 5 stockings this year to give out as gifts for my siblings. 3 of which are in the Navy. These stockings make great keepsake gifts. Unfortunatly we all can’t be together around this special time of year but no matter how far our families are apart we are always very close to one another at heart.

  42. My hope for Christmas is what it has been for the past two . I hope the person (s) who murderded my brother Joe Gosinski on Christmas Eve 2010 are found out and arrested. This is the third Christmas without my brother. Christmas it not the same.

  43. In the midst of all the country’s turmoil and the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I really do try to focus on the true meaning of the holiday. I have been so blest, especially 3 years ago when I became extremely ill on a trip to Colorado with my significant other who I had only been dating for 8 months. My daughters flew out and were told that I was not going to make it due to a perforated colon and complications. My 5 day trip turned into an 8 week nightmare in the hospital. However through all of this I was given a new lease on life. So many caring people out there prayed for me.

    I have 6 wonderful grandchildren and have made a Bucilla stocking for each one. Now they will have something to cherish from “Mimi” when I am no longer with them. I had made a stocking last year for a great niece and plan to make 2 more for next Christmas. I recently hit a goldmine at a flea market when I came upon an unopened Bucilla Stocking kit from 1993. I purchased it for $3.00 and plan to make it for my significant other’s grandchild in Colorado. The stockings are so much work, but definately so worth that work when Christmas comes each year and I see them hanging at my daughters’ homes.

  44. My favorite Christmas things are simple,reminding everyone around me the reason they have touched my life in such positive way.

  45. I have made these stocking since my son was small…he is now 35 years old and a father himself. I made one for myself, one for my husband, one for my son, and one each for my parents. When my son got engaged, he asked me to make one for his fiancee and her little daughter. Of course, I made one for each of them. And I have made one for each of the grandchildren as they came along. The newest one is for Claire who was born just 2 months ago….So far, that makes 12 stockings over the years…all different, all made with love!

  46. My wish for Christmas is Peace for everyone. I pray that everyone has a joyous Day. I hope that Santa fills everones beautiful stockings with all that they may want.

  47. My hope for this Christmas is that it is the last Christmas without a cure for SMA. My daughter Lucy is 3 and has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, type 1. She cannot talk, sit up, hold up her head, or eat by mouth. She has machines to suction her saliva because she can’t swallow, cough for her, and to help her breathe at night. SMA does not affect her mind.

    Researchers are very close to a cure with gene therapy. It may not reverse what SMA has done to Lucy, but it will help babies newly born with it.

    Lucy is a very sassy, stubborn, silly little girl. She loves Sesame Street and is a big daddy’s girl. Last year, I made my first Bucilla stocking, the Christmas Princess, and it was for Lucy. I loved running my hands over the sequins of the stocking my mom made for us when we were young, and now I get to help Lucy do the same with hers 🙂 She loves sparkly things and thinks it is very pretty!

    If we won this one, I would make it up for her new puppy, Bert. We got a small puppy for her as a companion, as we spend the winter months indoors to avoid illness, since a simple cold could very well kill her. Bert adores her and is very sweet to her.

    1. Barb, I hope that you do win this. You sound like a very good mother and wants the best for her child. I do hope that the Doctors do find the cure and can help your daughter. I do wish you lots of luck on winning.

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