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You could comment on the favorite Christmas tradition, or how you like to prepare for the holiday, and how you decorate your house for the holiday season. Do you hang stockings by the fireplace on Christmas Eve? I think this is a great tradition, and to see how many people are struggling to create the most beautiful Christmas stocking and are willing to spend hours in knitting and crafting their own stocking from kits is something to appreciate.

There are several pages on this site where different topics are discussed, such as Christmas Stockings, the history of Christmas stockings, where you can buy Bucilla Christmas stocking kits and more.

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  1. Great site I use these plugin’s on all my site’s it is a great way to get fresh new content a well as rewarding people with great backlink’s. Keep up the good work!

  2. These stockings are just splendid. I especially like the snowman design and will recommend it to my twin sister who has decorated her whole apartment with the snowman theme! Merry Christmas! David

  3. Thanks for the great Christmas stocking ideas. You have a really good selection of stockings to choose from.

  4. I really love using the the keywordluv and comment luv plugins the really help get traffic to your site. You have done a great job with your Christmas stocking website.

  5. You have alot of creative information about the bucilla christmas stockings. Your website is set-up pretty good to and I and the colors are sweet!

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  8. Wow – These xmas stockings are just so precious! I’d love to buy some for my living room this holiday season if I could afford them! Merry Christmas! David
    .-= David @Vintage Christmas Lights ´s last blog ..Privacy =-.

  9. Every year, I make a new handmade stocking for my daughter. She is fourteen now, and has quite a collection! It’s interesting to see how the stockings have changed over the years as she’s grown. I think she’ll really treasure them when she’s an adult.

  10. Bucilla stocking kits seem quite the favorite this year. If only I were able to knit–can barely write in the lines let alone knit. The handmade stockings already completed are the way to go for me. My daughter just loves those animated stockings with her favorite cartoon characters.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. I use these three plugins, as well as Top Commenter, and they have done wonders for both my traffic and rankings!

    Thanks for sharing the Luv!
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  12. Well done on your site. Great ideas on the Christmas stockings and I wish you good luck for Christmas.

    Thank you so much for using this plugin on your site as it helps me get a start with the ranking of my site which is so important.

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  13. With Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits

    You can let your child pick out the pattern that he, or she, wants and then let him, or her, put it all together when it comes in the mail. It will be a fun project that you can do together, when you are getting ready for the Christmas holiday season.

  14. Great site that you have with so many great ideas. I sincerely wish you great success with your site.

    Thanks so much for using the plugin on your site

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  15. Oh my these stocking are just so gorgeous, I love them all. I am definitely going to get some for my kids so they can hang them over the fireplace this year. Just Love them!
    .-= Claire @ Mrs Santa Costume´s last blog ..Mrs Santa Accessories =-.

  16. I love these stockings! Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. Thanks for creating the site and I wish you much success!

  17. This is my first time hearing about the Bucilla Stocking Kit. It’s amazing what you find on line when you start to browse the Internet. I think it nothing more adoring than to have a cute stocking stuffer grace the fireplace.

  18. Thanks all for your comments and for the kind words. It is a pleasure to read all the comments, and see the website growing each day.

    Good luck to you too, and happy holidays to you all!

  19. The hanging of stockings has been a long time tradition. Stockings today come in so many styles and themes that you are sure to find what you are looking for.
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  21. Nancy, I agree about the spam. Adding a CAPTCHA and using Akismet helps some by thwarting automated spam, but they don’t do as well against real people writing irrelevant comments!
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  22. Great Site

    Just about every one of our family Christmas decorations contain a memory of a loved one or a great family get together.

    Your Bucilla Site offers everyone an opportuity to create great memories

    All the Best and Merry Christmas

  23. I love your Christmas Stockings. We have to get a new one this year since we have an addition in the family and of course everyone has to have a stocking hanging! I also have to get a new stocking for our new puppy!
    .-= AJ @ Icicle Christmas Lights´s last blog ..Do Follow Blog, Comment Luv, Keyword Luv, Top Commenters =-.

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  25. Christmas Stockings are a definite must when it comes to Christmas. We like to put little things like hair bows, barrets and socks in our stockings. I usually also stick in there some kind of candy or chocolate and then something really special, like a beautiful necklace or rings or earrings.
    .-= AJ @ Outdoor Nativity Sets´s last blog ..Do Follow Blog, Comment Luv, Keyword Luv, Top Commenters =-.

  26. Wish you good luck for Christmas! Your Christmas stockings are wonderful, thanks for good ideas

  27. Christmas stockings are the things my girls get most excited about. Right from their early years, we always hung our Christmas stockings by the fireplace – let’s face it, it’s where they belong. The girls are now 18 and 21 respectively, but still kids at heart. As a parent, you just can’t beat the look on their faces when they see their Christmas stockings hanging there.

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    just as a fun Christmas. thanks….

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  29. Love the idea of Christmas stockings kits. My kids dive into those stockings like no one’s business. Going through the stockings is our way of starting Christmas, and it always starts with a bang!

  30. I see that commentluv is enabled on this blog..can anyone explain the difference, if any, between keywordluv, commentluv, and do-follow attributes?

  31. I just LOVE these Christmas stockings! These are definitley going to be added to my family Christmas this year! Thank~

  32. This is a brilliant ideas I usually made a Christmas Eve Stocking hang over the windows,doors,kitchen or in my room.And I gave it to my friends and relatives.Thanks for this site,Keep up the good work Guys.Bucilla site thanks.

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