Felt Christmas Stockings Tips

Find out how to keep your felt Christmas stockings look beautiful for many years, so you can enjoy them every holiday from now on, for years to come.

You probably already tried to stitch a felt applique stocking until now, so you know what a tedious work it is, and that it takes many hours to cut out and stitch all those pieces. Of course, the outcome of all your work is a beautiful masterpiece that will be appreciated by the owner, and that’s why it is important to know how to take care of it so that it can be enjoyed for many holidays.

First thing you should know is how to store it properly. A felt Christmas stocking should be stored flat, wrapped in several layers of paper (preferable a white tissue paper), and don’t let any sunlight get to it. I suggest preparing a special storage box just for Christmas stockings, and put extra tissue paper between each stocking, this way you will prevent the beads from crushing.

The Bucilla’s instructions that come with the kits state that you can wash their stockings in cool water, at 86F, and you can use some mild dish washing liquid. But be careful and wash them gently, so you don’t twist or wring them. Never use bleach or fine washables detergent, and always dry them flat. Don’t throw them in the drier, or have them dry cleaned. I recommend only washing them as a last resort, if it really is necessary.

I guess that the stocking will be for your child, so if this is the case, don’t let them play with it too much because the synthetic felt has a tendency to pill. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t use it and hold it as their special Christmas stocking, but try to keep them from playing with it or use it as a hat every day of December.
One last thing you can do for your special felt Christmas stockings is sewing a lining for them. This is very simple to do and it will worth the work put into it. The benefit of a lining is an added strength as well as a professional touch to the felt stocking. You can choose polyester satin for the lining, this way you avoid adding too much bulk.

If you follow these simple tips and care for your felt Christmas stockings, then you can enjoy them for many years from now on.