Bucilla Fishing Santa Stocking Felt Kit

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Missing the summer time during the holiday season? Because of the cold, it’s natural to miss some of fun summer activities such as having picnics, swimming or fishing on some days. While Christmas season is all about fun, some people are just not fans of the cold. If you are one of these people or know a dear friend or family member who is, then the perfect Christmas present would be the Bucilla Fishing Santa Christmas stocking kit.

Bucilla Fishing Santa Stocking Kit


The kit features an adorable image of Santa Clause enjoying fishing. Its design is intricate and is also generously embellished. It makes a heart-felt gift because you can personalize it to make it more unique.

Aside from being a great choice for being a Christmas present, this 18-inch felt appliqué stocking kit also makes a great centerpiece for your holiday home decorations. Hang it on one of your doors or from your fireplace mantel and you’ll instantly have a charming centerpiece.

The Bucilla Fishing Santa stocking kit includes all the materials you need to craft it like stamped felt, embroidery floss, beads and needles so there’s no need for you to buy extra materials. You will also get easy to follow trilingual instructions to make crafting this beauty so much easier.

Many people who purchased the Bucilla Fishing Santa stocking kit are happy with the product. One satisfied customer said that while she was crafting this product, it was fun to watch it take shape. She also said that Bucilla stockings are all high-quality.

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