How to sew Christmas stockings

Learning how to sew personalized stocking kits is something you should do if you want to make your own Christmas stockings for this year.

And let’s face it, creating your own Christmas stockings, and making them with your own hands gives you a great feeling, especially when they are appreciated by the kids and the entire family.

I always loved the Christmas stockings made by my grandmother and, later, by my mom (after she learned how to sew them from grandma)

Before you get started with sewing the stockings, you need to make sure you have all the materials you need. Usually, if you buy a Christmas stocking kit online, they come with all the accessories and materials, so you don’t have to worry about anything, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

Accordingly to the pattern you use, you should need about 1/2 yard of fabric for the main body, a quarter yard of fabric for the top of the stocking and another 1/4 yard of lining fabric to compliment the top of the stocking.

In addition you will need thread to match both fabrics, a print out of the pattern and, optional, appliqués and embellishments to taste.

Next you should have the pattern ready, cut out on a piece of paper, and then place it on top of the fabric  and cut the piece of fabric, following the line of the pattern.

Next part is sewing the pieces of fabric together, and for this purpose I recommend watching the video below which will show you exactly how to do this. It would be difficult to tell you in words how to do this, and it is known that seeing makes it easier to learn.

I repeat, if you purchased a Christmas stocking kit online, all of these are provided to you (the pattern, the right amount of fabric, all the accessories, appliqués and embellishments) and all you need to do is put them all together.

So please, watch the video carefully and you will learn how to sew Christmas stockings.

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  1. The Crazy Quilt Christmas Stockings are unique! I love the fact that each one will become “one-of-a-kind” gifts for family and friends. Each one will be embellished differently to reflect the personality of the person receiving the stocking.

  2. I like the video…I used to always see my grandmother sewing everything and I knew she was good at making christmas stockings during the holiday!
    .-= Derrick @ Personalized Christmas Stockings´s last blog ..Do Follow Blog, Comment Luv Keyword Luv =-.

  3. I love the idea of making or receiving a handmade christmas stocking for the holidays. They sure beat the factory made stockings available in most stores. It’s something that would certainly be kept and treasured for years.

  4. What a great video, thanks for sharing this tutorial. This is a great gift that can be used year after year. I think that personalized gifts like these are great and provide a little extra sentimental value.

  5. I love the beautiful Bucilla stockings but I will admit I was a little intimidated about making a stocking. Thank you for including this helpful information.
    .-= Karen @ BestChristmasTreeDecorations´s last blog ..Decorating With Miniature Christmas Trees – Big Idea! =-.

  6. Years ago I went through a crazy creative stage and decided to make Christmas stockings for all my family, and although it turned out to be a huge task, and in the middle of it I remember saying to myself “What was I thinking?”, it turned out to be the best thing I could have done. The 6 stockings still hang proudly on our mantel piece each Christmas and all these years later they still look good.

    The only thing now is that our kids are just about all grown up now and are asking that when they get married would I make some stockings for their spouses to hang with the rest of them!

  7. I am going to forward this article to my wife. This year, She plans to make Christmas stockings with our children.
    .-= Mat@Transformers Constructicon Devastator´s last blog ..From Construction to Devastation: The Transformers Constructicon Devastator =-.

  8. I love Bucilla Stocking Kits! My mom and I used to make stockings when I was a little girl and I remember it was a lot of fun! We had those stockings for years! I wonder if they’re still up in the attic??
    .-= Amy @ Holiday Stockings´s last blog ..Stocking Kits =-.

  9. I can remember when everyone use to make there own stocking. Glad to see people are still interested in making their own stocking. It means so much more. Enjoyed the video…
    .-= Louis@Santa Clause Outfit´s last blog ..Mrs Santa Clause Outfit =-.

  10. Making your own Christmas stockings is a great way to do something thoughtful for loved ones without spending a lot of money. You can even embroider their names on them or add other personalized pieces to them to make them special. Great idea!

  11. I purchased the Bucilla stocking kit of cowboy santa on a horse (this one has been discontinued), and I don’t understand how to make the fringe that goes around the collar of the shirt. Can anyone explain how to take three strands through the needle, which when folded makes 6 strands that are cut to make the fringe. This is only the second Bucilla stocking I have attempted to make. Thanks

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