Bucilla Pop-Up Santa Stocking Felt Appliqué Kit

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Christmas season is fast approaching. Once again we will all be busy in decorating our respective homes with colors of green, reds, and etc. This then begins turning our homes into an abode with colorful atmosphere setting the mood for the coming Christmas season.

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We present to you the Bucilla Pop-Up Santa Stocking Felt Appliqué Kit. This Christmas designed stocking has a very thorough design and has lots of embellishments which will improve all kinds of Christmas decorating items. You can also personalize and customize for it to be a unique bucilla stocking kits to your beloved family member.

It is a stunning stocking kit that anyone would adore to see hanging from the fireplace overflowing with all sorts of goodies on Christmas morning. It comes in an easy to make kit which has an easy to follow instructions and comes with a picture of the finished product to guide you in the sewing process. It measures eighteen inches long and has a pop up Santa theme design. The kit comes with all the felts, threads, beads, embroidery floss, needles, sequins and everything that you need so that you can get to work without delay.

A helpful tip would be to make the stocking stronger by lining it with a fabric first before sewing it together. In this way, it will enhance its durability and lengthen its life. The Bucilla kit is one of the most well-liked Christmas stocking kits who made the season of holidays for thousands of people in the world a lot more magical and festive.

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