Bucilla Santa Poinsettia Christmas Stocking Appliqué Kit

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We all know that poinsettias are the Christmas flower. It is one of the trademarks of the Christmas season, and among the most delightful ornaments come December. The usual deep and vibrant red poinsettias perfectly contrast the dark green leaves of the Christmas tree. Also, the other colorful parts like yellow compliments the red petal leaves of poinsettias. The petals of Poinsettias are actually green leaves that turns into deep red during the winter season.

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Poinsettias originated from Mexico, and the story behind this plant becoming a Christmas symbols goes like this. Maria, a poor girl from Mexico had a little brother Pablo. Despite their poverty, these two kids would always look forward to the Christmas festival each year.

During Christmas, a manger was placed on their village and a Christmas party was held at the spot. People would place their gifts near the manger as they give their offering to the child Jesus. But these kids, Maria and Pablo had nothing to offer. When Christmas Eve came, the two kids headed to the church for the Christmas mass. With their desire to offer something to Jesus, they picked some wild plants that grew along the road. They offered it in the manger, and miraculously, the green plants turned into star-like deep red flowers – exactly how we see poinsettias today.

This Christmas, why not fill your home with wonderful poinsettias? The Bucilla Santa Poinsettia Christmas Stocking Appliqué Kit offers a Christmas stocking design that is featuring Santa Clause decorating a Christmas tree with dozens of Poinsettias. Whether or not you are fond of arts and crafts, you need not worry on the embellishments because everything comes along with the kit. Ultimately, Bucilla needlepoint christmas stocking kits offer great quality products that can last for years. Thus, start creating your Christmas stocking collection now.

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