Bucilla Santa’s Sled Stocking Felt Kit

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Why do we hang stocking by our fireplaces around Christmas time in the first place? That’s right, because little children believe that Santa Claus is going to come and fill the stockings with goodies on Christmas Eve! And what would excite your children or grand children more than to see Santa Claus on their stocking?

Bucilla Santa’s Sled Christmas Stocking Kit


If you’re looking for a stocking that can truly add beauty to your holiday decorations at home, you don’t have to worry because you can make one through a Bucilla Santa’s Sled Christmas stocking kit.

This kit provides all you need to create the stocking that you’re looking for-from needles, to beads, to stamped felt down to embroidery floss. You don’t have to shell out extra money for extra materials because the kit is complete.

It also comes with easy to follow instructions so even beginners can craft this gorgeous stocking from start to finish without a problem. With a beautiful, detailed design and generous embellishments, the Santa’s Sled stocking kit makes a perfect Christmas present to family or friends of any age. Best of all, you can even personalize it or add your personal touch to make a more thoughtful gift.

A satisfied customer who bought this kit and did the project for her son in law cannot believe how the beautiful the stocking looks when finished.

Bucilla has created plenty of beautifully-designed Christmas stocking kits over the years and the Santa’s Sled design remains to be one of the most popular.


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  1. Hi I came to answer the question you left on my blog “Crafty Goodies”. I will use these on cards and scrapbooking layouts!!! I’m glad you left a question so I could track you down and see your amazing stocking kits~gorgeous!!! Thank you for the visit. I “liked” your FB fan page:):)

    1. Hi Connie. Glad you like our stockings. They are gorgeous, aren’t they? We weren’t quite sure, so thanks for reassuring us 😛

      Thank you for the FB like and your visit, you are most welcome to come back and visit us again.

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