Bucilla The Finishing Touch Christmas Stocking Felt Appliqué Kit

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Certainly a tree is not complete without decorations and finishing touches.  You can select from different styles to be able to get a very wonderful look.  Garlands are readily available which comes with shimmering and plush strands of tinsel; or beautiful and elegant strands of shiny beads.

Decorations come in everything possible, from cartoon characters and classic angels to long-established stars and also lighted crystals.  This is the time of the year when you bring it all together. Just like how Santa brings together iconic Christmas symbols together in the Christmas tree in this Bucilla The Finishing Touch Christmas Stocking Felt Appliqué Kit, you can Take a look at the different styles Santa and the snowman is adding up to the Christmas tree.


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First of all you want to make sure that all key areas of a Christmas tree is decorated – the top of the tree, the middle part, and the bottom. Dress them up and make sure the finishing touches are placed.

Usually, most people only dress up the main part at the middle and forget about the top and bottom parts. The latter two are important to be decorated to make your Christmas tree really shine.

Feel free to decorate your tree with various ornaments and you will get a feel for what you exactly need to make the perfect finishing touch.

Do a little addition to create that perfect Christmas feel by adding into your decorations like Christmas stocking kits, and a warm and cozy Christmas atmosphere will definitely exude in your home this holiday season.

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